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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. holiday weekend is upon us. and the rain about to come back with a vengeance. good evening. i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm juliette goodrich. let's get right to it with chief meteorologist paul deanno. paul? >> things are getting much more active. lots of rainfall. lets get right to cbs 5 hi-def doppler which is showing you some pretty steady rainfall moving right toward the san francisco peninsula, there we go. about ten minutes away from invading the city. daly city, you're included in that. vacaville, fairfield, all the
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way up toward sacramento. look at this wide shot here. thunderstorms, so a couple hours to our north and west. that's the next wave of heavy rainfall that will move through. the rain, how about half a foot of new rain? more than two inches for santa rosa. it trails off when you get into the south bay but there's lots more coming over the weekend. snowfall in which one day, only one, will be mainly dry over the next week. coming up soon. >> paul. thanks for that. the storm made a mess all over the bay area, especially, as paul says, the north bay. cbs 5 reporter elisa is in marin tonight. >> reporter: the rain is really starting to come down and we're starting to feel strong wind gusts, just the start of what's going to be a soggy hold weekend. the first day of winter blew into the bay area with heavy rain and strong winds, even snow at higher elevations.
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this is just the beginning of what would be a very wet weekend. the weather already did some damage today, causing hundreds of power outages, swelling creeks. this was the scene on highway 1 earlier. and in inverness, high winds toppled a 100-foot tree onto a carport, a close call for the driver, who was getting ready to run errands. >> i was standing right underneath it, over here, and some winds hit us. but i feel very grateful that we're okay. and we're alive. >> reporter: fiona with pg&e says even healthy trees can come down in weather like this, because the ground gets so moist and loose. oftentimes they take down power lines with them. to gear up for more wind and rain, crews are spread throughout the bay area, on call and ready to go. >> we'll be working around the clock, in case anything happens. >> reporter: and the weather also snarled traffic earlier this evening. along highway 101, things are
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finally getting back to normal, although the rain is back after it took a break for a couple of hours earlier. so definitely get out those jackets and umbrellas because it is going to be a wet weekend. and in the sierra, they could get as much as five feet of snow. cbs 5 reporter steve lard says if you're heading to tahoe, don't plan on getting there any time soon. >> reporter: well, it may be a scenic drive, but it is a very slow one heading eastbound on i- 80. over the hill, you can see the long line of traffic behind me. it is a friday night. it is a holiday weekend. and it is snowing off and on. add all of that together and you're talking about a drive from the bay area to the state line of maybe eight hours. we've seen families with their cars full of presents, pulled over, paying $30 a pop to get their chains installed. in some cases, they've done this before. they're installing their own
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chains, taking a half an hour out of that long drive. if you're planning on heading over the hill, make sure you have time on your side. on eastbound i-80, steve large, cbs 5. the bad weather here and across the country is causing huge travel problems for people trying to get home for christmas. at sfo, more than 100 flights were cancelled today because of heavy rain and wind. add to that the blizzard in the midwest which has grounded more flights. well, a big bay area school district is accused of mismanaging federal money. cbs 5 reporter linda yee explained what oakland unified will now have to do as a
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punishment. >> reporter: for years, this private religious school has received thousands of dollars in federal funds. $50,000 just this year, dolled out by the oakland unified school district. it's the school that sends its students out to bart stations to solicit money. tonight they left after we approached them. a joint cbs 5 california watch investigation earlier this year questioned the district's lack of oversight, allowing inflated enrollments by the school to get the federal funding, and the school's alleged misuse of that money. the california department of education took a closer look and has ordered the district to repay nearly $25,000. tonight, we reached the district spokesman out of spoke. >> we dispute the notion or the finding that we have misappropriately handled funds. >> reporter: we questioned the school's use of federal money to pay his wife and son as
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teachers. >> the wife gets paid $100 an hour for her duties as a developmental teacher. that sounds a little excessive. >> it does. i'm not aware of their particular compensation levels. >> it's all in your documents that you've approved, that the school district has approved. then you have robert lacy jr. and he gets paid $40 an hour. is that all acceptable? >> really, it's -- it's according to the program guidelines. >> reporter: the department of education ruled it was inappropriate. >> would you hire these people for the oakland public schools? >> we would not hire them for the oakland public schools but we are under different jurisdiction and different regulations. >> reporter: well, the school district insists it has followed all of the federal guidelines. but after our reports, the district did cut off all federal funds to st. andrew. and the fbi has stepped in to question possible misuse of
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federal money. we will continue to follow this story. linda yee, cbs 5. congress has left the building without a deal on the fiscal cliff. today president obama called on house speaker john boehner to come back to the negotiating table. >> the american people are a lot more sensible and a lot more thoughtful and much more willing to compromise and give and sacrifice and act responsibly than their elected representatives are. >> now, the first family on their way to hawaii for the holidays. the president says he'll return to washington if there's a deal. there were five funerals in newtown, connecticut, today for two adults and three children. six-year-old olivia engle loved being a big sister and helping her little brother explore. dillon loved chocolate. grace's family says she dreamed
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of being a painter. we started to see all the ribbons and all your tributes to emily, everywhere, and a lot of you guys don't even know who she is. a lot of you never even met her. >> the last two faculty members were also laid to rest today. rachel's boyfriend was planning to propose on christmas eve. school psychologist mary sherlock was remembered for her devotion to kids in trouble. condolence letters have overwhelmed the newtown post office. they started coming immediately. at first, a few hundred. now there are thousands each and every day, coming from all over the world. the postmaster says it's hard not to cry as they sort the mail. the nra has promised, in its own words, meaningful contributions to prevent another tragedy like the one in connecticut. cbs 5 reporter joe vazquez on
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how the nra boss thinks we can stop school shootings. >> the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. >> reporter: after being silent on the subject for more than a week after the slaughter in newtown, the chief of the national rifle association declared today the nra's solution for stopping school shootings is to have an armed guard at every school. >> why is the idea of a gun good when it's used to protect the president or our police, but bad when it's used to protect our children in our schools? >> reporter: the nra proposes a new program to protect america's schools called national school shield. but they were not able to protect their own news conference from protesters, including the group code pink. >> the nra has blood on its hands! >> it's horribly -- a horribly poor choice to say that the
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answer to gun violence is to put more guns out there. >> reporter: andrew butt is in the contra costa school district. the school district deploys 20 armed police officers in all of its high schools and middle schools at a cost of $2 million a year. the district has put no cops in its three dozen elementary schools and has no plans or money to do so. >> i'm glad we're having that conversation, because i think we have experience in it. i think it's an overreaction, if you want to know my position as a duly elected school board member. how am i going to put armed police officers at 50 schools? >> reporter: on top of that $2 million for armed security officers, the district says it spends $5 million on security overall, money it would desperately rather be spending on educating the children. in richmond, joe vazquez, cbs 5. new details in the mysterious murder of a bay area millionaire. the interesting thing police
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told the neighborhood. the sinkhole is fixed. how did they get that done so fast? makes you wonder about who lives on that street. bay area natives who have ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,years, why they
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a major break in the case of a millionaire found murdered at his south bay mansion. a young mother is under arrest. by mark sayre tells us she's only one part of the mystery. >> reporter: 22-year-old raven dixon of alameda appeared in santa clara county superior court wearing shackles. she is charged with being an accessory to a homicide with a gang enhancement in the november 30 murder of raveesh kumar kumra in his monte sereno home. dixon didn't say anything
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during her arraignment other than agreeing to an extension of her case. but the details of the charges are currently under court seal. >> she's a nervous wreck. to see her in chains like this, it's hard for her family. >> reporter: kumra was a well- known businessman in the south bay. today the los gatos police department released a statement, assuring the public that the murder was not random and there's no ongoing danger to the community. dixon was arrested this past weekend. john ambrosio says his client has been interrogated by police, one aspect of this investigation he is concerned about. >> i have a lot of question about how a single mother gets arrested and charged and nothing anybody or any of her family members know anything about it. >> reporter: a spokesman for the los gatos police department
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will only say this investigation is ongoing, but they will not say how many additional suspects may be wanted in connection with this case. reporting from san jose, i'm mark sayre, cbs 5. well, at first they thought it would take months to fix this massive sinkhole in lafayette. turns out it was repaired in about three weeks. how did they get that done so fast? makes you wonder about a certain influential person in town who lives in that neighborhood. christin ayers is there tonight. christin, who might that be? >> reporter: interestingly, it is lafayette's new mayor. he lives just a few feet from where the sinkhole was. however, he says he did not fast track the project. either way, by the time crews got finished with it, they had done it in nine days flight. it officially reopened at noon today. and you'd never know there was a sinkhole there that was 80 by 40 feet and 15 feet deep.
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the road collapsed in heavy rain when the drainage system underneath was overwhelmed by floodwaters. originally there were estimates that the work could go into the spring. but they brought in emergency workers and worked around the clock, finishing before christmas day. >> that's great, because this rain is coming now. it could be another major storm, you know. so far, it just sprinkles. but it could develop. and it would be nice to have a culvert that can handle the situation. and that one will. everything is clean. there's no debris that came down. so we're in good shape. >> reporter: interestingly, the construction did block off the mayor's driveway throughout the nine days crews were working on this. and, again, neighbors are saying they believe this is built to withstand a wet winter this year. and at $750,000 for the project, let's hope it will.
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live in lafayette, christin ayers, cbs 5. all right. the race is on. the last big push for holiday shopping. >> and after the success of black friday, macy's and toys r us are staying up 24 hours a day from now until christmas. so this is the scene right now. let's take a look at the toys r us in san jose. the parking lot has been packed all night. the extended hours are actually pushing holiday shopping to a new extreme, but parents don't seem to mind. >> i think it's a great opportunity. i mean, for the parents to come out when the kids are sleeping, and spend more money, it's great for the economy as well. >> and it should help procrastinators. a recent survey found that 68% of americans haven't finished their shopping yet. >> if you're shopping this weekend, you'll be doing it in the rain, but hey, you know what? we need the water! >> yes, we do. and the snow. that's right. >> yes. it makes the skiers happy. fill the reservoirs. the negative outlook is it's
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going to be miserable when you're shopping this weekend. pretty miserable outside right now. things getting more active, not only to our north and west where we have thunderstorms that may impact our weather tomorrow, but look at what's impacting you in marin county almost to san francisco, richmond. we are getting more active with the heaviest rainfall still coming tomorrow morning. how about that snow in the mountains? two to five feet of new snow between now and monday. pretty strong wind gusts as well but great skiing once you take all that extra time to get there, because travel will be treacherous. we have cloudy conditions overnight, which means we will have a mild night. we're talking upper 20's. but it is going to be soggy. big area of upper level low pressure to our north and west, feeding in weaker areas of low pressure into the bay area. bottom line is the storm track is headed right towards us.
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another system moves in tonight. then we get a break. another system moves in on sunday. and we've got several more after that. this particular pattern will likely stick around to the end of the year and the beginning of january. let's talk specifics about tomorrow. another half inch, three quarters of an inch tomorrow. san francisco, nearly 6/10 of an inch of rain. so the rain is picking up right now. we get a break between systems tomorrow afternoon. if you want to get outside and not get poured on, that will be a good choice, late in the day tomorrow. we're soggy on sunday but we dry out on christmas eve. christmas eve is the only day of the next seven that will be mainly rain-free from start to finish. palo alto, 56. san jose, 57. mid 50's for walnut creek, pleasant hills. low to mid 50's for the north bay. petaluma, 53. one little break on christmas eve. rain comes back tuesday through
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friday. soggy. >> let's try to keep that big guy dry. santa. >> well, yes. not ken bastida. a ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a couple who met in the bay area thought they'd been married for nearly 50 years. >> turns out their marriage has only been legal for a couple of months. cbs 5 reporter rachel kim on their big mistake. >> reporter: bob clark recalls the day he married the girl that caught his eye at san jose state. >> very cute. >> reporter: norma's first impression of bob... they tied the not in 1964 in san mateo, california. they eventually moved down to southern california and raised two kids. a few months ago, 74-year-old bob and 71-year-old norma celebrated their 48th anniversary. and a newspaper article about what documents to have in case of death got bob thinking about
2:01 am
the future. >> one of the things they talked about was the importance of having a legal marriage license, so if you want to get your spouse's benefits, you gotta have that document. >> reporter: so bob called the san mateo county hall of records to get a copy of their marriage certificate. two weeks later, a surprising letter. >> they had no record of it at all. and i remember i called her from work, i think. i said, look, we're not married! >> the church obviously would have a record of what they did, and everybody's signature was there. what they forgot to do was send it in to the county. >> they faxed a copy to us. >> reporter: marriage certificates have to be filed within two years of the ceremony. so on november 21, the couple came here and went through a declaration of marriage and made it legal. the clarks officially ,,,,,,,,,,
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a trip to houston and the all-star games tonight. with the bobcats in town, some face time with the baby. warriors up 12. but the bobcats would go on an 18-5 run. it cuts the warriors lead to one. but tonight was a stephen curry and david lee show. fourth quarter, the curry jumper from lee. and a triple double. the warriors win 115-100. bring on the lakers! stanford wrapping up a two- game road trip at northwestern. josh huestis with 18. stanford up 26-12. but northwestern would get it close. tre demps nails the three to tie the game at 70, with under two minutes to go. but the cardinal answer on the
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next possession. aaron hits the three. that was a game-winner. stanford wins 70-68. it appears that the a's will remain the oakland a's for now. owner lew wolff reportedly asked for an agreement that would keep the a's in oakland through 2018. both added that the team would remain in oakland for at least five years, regardless of their efforts to obtain a new stadium. it is time for your friday night top five. beef 'o' brady's bowl. ucf beats ball state. no. 3, raptors. toronto wins. no. 2, the battle in seattle. bulletin board material.
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>> ♪ got a stupid black sweatshirt ♪ that i tuck into my khakis ♪ my hand shake with schwartz ♪ running up the score ♪ >> they're not going to be happy with that. >> gangnam style. >> we heard that in your office and it's like, um, don't have your kids around for that one. >> well, he's a good dancer and we never knew that. we'll be right,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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heavy rain in marin right now, is that right, paul? >> oh, yes [ laughing ] >> oh, let's take a look at the rain. if you only knew. let's take a look at the radar. >> let's look at the radar. go, radar! >> marin county. we've all ,,,,

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